Governor Brown’s 2018-19 May Revision Fails CSU Students

May 10, 2018

While the Cal State Student Association (CSSA) appreciates the $92.1 million investment back in the California State University (CSU) system, it is not even enough to meet the system’s $153 million in obligated costs, let alone the full $263 million budget request. Thus, this budget is not only a failure to the current and future students of the CSU, it is a simple failure of math—a failure that most certainly will lead to campus cuts at a time when the state has over $9 billion in budget surplus.

CSU students are struggling with their college costs – housing, food, transportation, books, and tuition. CSU students are struggling to get the classes they need on time. And many potential students are struggling to access higher education in the CSU. We wish that the Governor’s budget acknowledged these struggles and funded the institution appropriately.

CSU students stand ready with our administration, faculty, and staff to educate the Governor on the need to reinvest in higher education. We would begin with a simple question: If we cannot properly reinvest in higher education at a time of great economic prosperity in the state, then when can we?