CSSA sponsors and advocates for and against bills in the legislature on behalf of CSU students. The organization’s legislative affairs committee reviews, researches and makes recommendations to the CSSA Board of Directors on pertinent higher education legislation from the state and federal governments.

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Documents Due December 1, 2018

The policy proposal documents are for members of CSSA to express their ideas for legislation during the 2018/2019 academic year.  Each campus has their own document that can be edited via google documents.  Please use only your campus document for sharing ideas.  For questions regarding the documents or the policy proposal process please contact Jared Giarrusso, CSSA Assistant Executive Director and Chief Governmental Officer.

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Bill positions are approved by the CSSA Board of Directors

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1972: Student Presidents Association sponsors successful legislation authorizing the expenditure of student body fees to fund a lobbyist for CSU students (Ed Code § 89300). This is why CSSA is able to employ a director of government relations.

1974: Student leaders successfully advocate students’ interests to the legislature and university administration, setting the foundation of student leadership that exists today.

1975: Student Presidents Association successfully passes legislation to place the first student trustee on the CSU Board of Trustees. The legislation also recognized the student association’s role in nominating the student trustee to the Governor.

1987: Sponsored bill to repeal state law penalizing student financial aid in response to protests

1975-1979: Repeatedly killed an annual tuition bill intended for CSU students

1989-1990: Effectively lobbied the governor to change student fee increase from 10% to 3.6%

1992: Sponsored AB 3294, allowing fee installment plans for public university students

2000-2006: Participated in national student effort to change credit-card marketing practices on public college campuses

2007: Sponsored AB 2813, raising the Cal Grant age eligibility from 24 to 27 years of age.

2012: CSSA joins efforts with UCSA to successfully pass AB 970, The Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act.